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Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney in Reno, NV


"Byron was an amazing attorney! From the first day I sat down with him I knew he would be the one I hired. I was arrested for a domestic violence charge. I have never been in trouble prior to this arrest. I have worked my whole life to get into nursing school. When this terrible thing happened to me I thought my life was over!! Byron made me feel at ease. He was very good at explaining the process and letting me know everything was going to be ok! He was right he was able to get my case resolved with a "no issues" I didn't even have to go to court. Not only did he help me though this terrible time in my life emotionally, he also helped me financially..he took some of the money I had paid him for his services and placed them to help me get my records sealed. He was a very helpful and honest person. He went above and beyond! After my case was over he is still helping me with the struggle of getting this off my record to get into nursing school promptly! I would highly recommend him!"

Tricia in Reno

"I was charge with 3 different drugs cases within 30days of each other. Byron never gave up on me and was able to help me get the help I needed and wanted for myself. Thanks to Byron my three cases were put into one case and I was admitted into the Washoe County Diversion Court Program.I was released from Jail with a reasonable bail amount as well. The people at Court Services knew who Byron was and told me, \"you are in good hands\". I completed Washoe County Diversion Court Program and my arrests have been sealed as well as my criminal history along with the case against me being dismissed and never being able to be re-opened. Byron was a more than fair priced Attorney and he showed on more than one occasion that he cared about my well being and my future. Byron always answered his phone call, even when he was on vacation and I called him from jail. I cannot express my gratitude enough towards this man. When I wanted a way out and was unable to do it myself he showed me the door to freedom and to a better existence.If you need an attorney and want to WIN your case and WIN your life back,you need to retain Byron Bergeron as your legal counsel!!!"

Ben in Reno

"I was snatched up in Reno In Feb 2009. They charged me with 4 felonies and 1 Misdemeanor (It was 41lbs of Northern California herb kinda guilty). The reality is I was looking at 16 years and about 15k in fines. Not only Did I NOT get ANY felonies....Byron managed to get me Court supervision with no chance of any of it being on my record (not even the arrest) His Charm was only overshadowed by his Skill and Professionalism....Its real simple...if you absolutely Positively MUST NOT take "The Man's" 3 hots and a cot....You BETTER call Byron....If you don't your Stupid....His retainer was less than half of his competitors and his courtly demeanor was unparalleled....Like a wise man once told me...You don't pay a lawyer to sympathize You pay him to WIN....and I promise You if it is at all Humanly possible to win....Byron Will..."

Mark in Illinois

"Byron is freakin' awesome! I needed someone that could talk to me in normal language, not lawyer speak. Byron explains exactly what is required in a confident and easy to understand manner. This guy even answers his own phone. Highly recommended from me! Two life counts down to one gross misdemeanor."

David, Oregon

"I have reffered Byron to two family members because I know he is an excellent lawyer. He did not let me down. He managed to make the charges go away on both occassions. He is not just an excellent attorney, he cares about his clients and the results he gets for them."

Rollin Lazarone, Scruples Bar and Grill

"My ex falsely accused me of domestic battery to gain custody of my kids. The Fallon District Attorneys office refused to dismiss the case. We went to trial and won. In this same time frame, the police caught my son with a fake I.D. I apparently was standing too close because I wanted to observe how they were treating my son. when I refused to step away to a distance that I could no longer observe what was going on they arrested me for obstructing and resisting. Byron was able to get this dismissed as well."

Joe Morasky in Fallon, Nevada

"I was going through a divorce because my ex wife had begun taking medication and using drugs. She falsely accused me of domestic battery. While I was in custody she destroyed all my clothing and took everything out of the house. I wanted it over with quickly. Byron encouraged me to continue it out to avoid the risk of going to trial even though this meant quite a bit more work for him. we continued the trial several times and in the interim my ex tested positive for cocaine, was busted for DUI and was caught trying to sell my firearms. The case was dismissed and I did not half to pay the trial fee. Richard in Reno."

Richard in Reno