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Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney in Reno, NV


Many criminal defense attorneys claim they are litigators. It sounds great. But litigators are those attorneys that go to trial and have gone to trial. They make their living fighting in the trenches of the legal profession. Litigators know that those clients who are not represented by those few who are familiar with the trenches, are not represented by the most capable, experienced, and compelling criminal defense attorneys within the profession. There are very few real litigators. Most cases settle or resolve without litigation.

You do not have to take my word for it. I am a litigator. Evidence of my victories hangs on my wall for everyone to see for themselves. It is the only way a person hiring an attorney can know for sure that he or she is in fact hiring a litigator. I give free consultations so people may see how I present in court, how I articulate my thoughts, and they can see for themselves who they are choosing to hire. Would you buy a car if they charged you money to view it? Of course not, you would think that dishonest.

I practiced criminal defense law, worker's compensation law, and personal injury law only. However, I am happy to refer you to other honest attorneys who practice in other areas of the law. I refer to only those who I respect and who I believe are honest and fair.

I have represented individuals on every crime imaginable including all degrees of assault, battery, DUI, rape (sexual assault), murder, and all crimes involving theft, embezzlement, domestic battery, child endangerment, drug trafficking, drug possession, kidnapping, robbery etc. If you are charged with a crime I can and will represent you well.

I practice primarily criminal defense law, both federal and state in Reno, Nevada. However, I frequently practice outside of Washoe County as well and will represent you in any of Nevada's 16 counties and Carson City including Washoe, Pershing, Storey, Humboldt, Churchill, Douglas, Lyon, Mineral, Esmeralda, Elko, Lander, Eureka, White Pine, Nye, Lincoln and Clark.

Byron Bergeron