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Personal Injury Attorney in Reno, NV

Personal Injury

Personal Injury claims come in many shapes and sizes: a slip and fall from a hazardous condition in a supermarket, an auto accident, a negligent or accidental shooting, or simply from a hazardous condition of a property that cause harm to a person through no fault of their own. They can arise from working conditions that are grossly negligent acts of a care provider. It is a broad category of lawsuits with one thing in common- the negligent act of a party cause the harm to an innocent party.

Personal Injury lawyers are typically not litigators but negotiators instead. They negotiate with a defendant or insurance company and settle your case for a monetary reward. Because personal injury lawyers settle so frequently, the vast majority have little to no courtroom experience. A lawyer who has no courtroom experience negotiates from a position of weakness.

When my clients hire me they negotiate from a position of strength. I have courtroom experience. I know the rules of evidence and how to speak to a jury. Consequently, the opposing party knows I will take them to trial if their offer is unfair. My clients will not be bullied. I will make you whole to the best of my ability.